Tips for Designing Great Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Successful packaging is what entices consumers to purchase a product. Effective packaging consists of appeal and connecting emotionally to a consumer. Your packaging needs to receive an immediate response from everyone who sees it.

Packaging that sells is pleasing to the eye and is connected to the spirit of a consumer. Therefore, it is imperative that your packaging be designed to be grab the heart and attention of the shopper.

Additionally, packaging needs to be informative, accessible, provide product protection and be tamper resistant.


Today, consumers are bombarded with a lot of advertisements to the point of being nonresponsive. This is why it’s so important to keep the packaging very simple. Stay focused on the main emotional consumer benefits that your product has to offer.


Remove unnecessary branding such as sub-brands, trade-brands, commercial brands and products divisions. A lot of information is not always a good thing.


A visual highlight on a distinguished attribute or new feature or a distinguished attribute is a good idea. Make sure that the accent is not disruptive to the eyes or too busy for the viewer. Again, keep it simple and easy to read.

First Impression

The first impression of your packaging is crucial. It needs to support how people identify a product when shopping. You need to inspire a physical response with color, create recognition by utilizing shape, stir the emotions by the use of imagery and inform with words.

One of the best ways to inspire a response with color is with vibrant packaging such as laminated film rewinds, bottle shrink sleeves or a spouted stand-up pouch. Laminated film rewinds come in a wide range of colors to help make your product stand out. Bottle shrink sleeves allow more creativity with eye-catching graphics, unfading color and a dramatic effect. Spouted stand-up pouches make a fabulous presentation and can be printed in any color, design or logo.

Effective Consumer Product Packaging

Consumer product packaging should reflect the needs of a shopper. If the packaging is done poorly, it will most likely result in decreased sales. You also need to cater to the desired audience. For instance, if you have a product that is for seniors then the design should be easy to open. If your product is for sport enthusiasts, then the labeling should emphasize the sports benefits.

Remember to always keep it simple. Moreover, keep your product packaging shopable and alive with a good first impression.

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