Coffee bags or vacuum bags to package your product? Find out why and how!

Coffee Packaging & Tea Packaging

Having the correct packaging for your product is vital not only to sales, but also the freshness as well as keeping your product from getting damaged. You have to provide effective, durable as well as flexible packaging that suits your specific product. Your packaging needs to be effective while still promoting your product.

Various products can be packed in similar packaging while others may require specific packaging. There is a range of packaging options to consider such as pillow pouches, coffee bags; shrink sleeves, vacuum bags, spout pouches, tubes, boxes and many more. These also come in a wide variety of sizes to suit different products. Pet food, CD’s, coffee, frozen foods, toothpaste, and cold drink all come in selective packaging to suite the requirements of the product.

What are your packaging needs?

Your packaging will therefore also have specific necessities. Depending on the moisture content, air removal, liquid or solid state, you will have to look at a packaging explicitly for those purposes. Let’s have a look at the differences of coffee bags and vacuum bags, as well as what they have to offer you.

Vacuum bags are mainly used where food products are involved as it removes the air from the packaging. It can also extend the shelf life of products while restricting bacterial growth. It can be used for fresh food products as well as dried food products. You can also store non-food products such as materials, books, and clothing to keep them sheltered while shrinking the space they take on shelves. However gentle products could be crumpled by using vacuum bags for packaging. In such a case the air within the packaging may be replaced by using nitrogen. This will remove the air within and have the same lasting effect.

Do you need vacuum bags for your products packaging?

Coffee bags on the other hand are known to be one of the safest ways of packaging for coffee and tea. These can also be altered to fit your needs. Another name for coffee bags is foil packaging. These bags are extremely shelf friendly and allow more than enough space for branding. They provide protection against moisture as well as bacteria due to their variety of materials.

Coffee bags can also be adapted to have a zipper as well as handles for comfort to your customers. Thus you can basically get your coffee bag to look the way you want. These offer you a range of options in size and colour, and can also have bag clips or tin ties so they can be re-sealed and re-used. The material used for coffee bags can however be used for a variety of other products, so talk to a professional packaging company about your needs.

Can your product fit in a coffee bag for packaging?

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