How To Get The Perfect Packaging

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Everything around us that we purchase comes in some or other kind of packaging. Therefore we must assume that the packaging used, has just as important role to play in sales as the product itself. When you go shopping have you ever just looked at a shelf and considered the following two questions?

Which of the products on the shelf of the same content catches your eye first?
Why does that happen?

Firstly, the packaging caught your eye, not the product. There is such a wide range of similar products, offering basically the same features or use. The packaging makes the one stand out above the rest, do you agree?

Secondly, the packaging that is different caught your eye; therefore you will look at a product based on the packaging, correct? Packaging makes a big impact, like a first impression!

Your packaging has to portray the incredible value of your product inside!

If this is your first time looking for packaging or even a re-design of your current packaging, it comes highly recommended, to use a professional company in this line of business for assistance.

Packaging was originally designed to protect the product within. This created some confusion though, as shelves were filled with products all in the same packaging. Therefore packaging became more defined. The packaging also included the product benefits, making each product on its own more appealing.

Packaging should sell your product in addition to protecting it!

Packaging has to provide an impact. Most consumers only spend approximately 5 seconds to decide upon a product.

Your packaging will require the following:

  • Your Brand Name must be displayed clearly!
  • Your Product has to be clearly explained!
  • Your Packaging must add value to your product!
  • Your Packaging has to be suitable!
  • Your product must be depicted honestly!

Honesty with customers builds trust. Instead of portraying your product as the sweetest or best brand, be honest and your customers will appreciate it more. Too many products give false impressions. This eventually influences their sales as customers being disappointed in a product, will spread the word.

If you are only starting out, your budget for packaging may be low. You will then go with pre-designed packaging options. This should however not damper your enthusiasm as your logo, brand and information could still have a great effect. The shape and uniqueness will come in time, as your business grows and you can eventually afford customized packaging. You can then shape and form your packaging to suit your product.

You can however still be creative and give your packaging all it needs by seeking aid from a packaging company. Even with standard shapes and sizes of packaging, you can still be bold and create a stunning appeal that is unique. Talk to a professional packaging company, have their designers aid you in branding your packaging to stand out above the rest.

Look at other packaging in your product line and find your inspiration. Test the market and explore with ideas. Talk to Titan Packaging and you may even be amazed at the results. Keep your packaging practical, functional and make an impression on the market.

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