Coffee & Tea Packaging

Naturally, coffee and tea products need to be protected from light and oxygen sources. Especially in tea bag packaging and coffee beans packaging, our rich experience of using the flexible packaging technology allows the best barrier and shelf life properties, including paper, foils, high barrier clear films and easy open plastics.

Our range of coffee and tea packaging can be manufactured in a range of formats, including automatic VFFS equipment. We also have a range of quality de-gassing valves which can be specified.

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Design Options

Tea and coffee bags can be optioned with zip seals, tear notches, peg holes, and one-way valves. Coffee bags with one-way degassing valves allows capturing the rich flavours of aromas of both, the coffee and the teas right away after the roasting.
We can print up to 10 colours on our rotogravure press, including varnishes.
Printing options available include Matte varnish overlays, U.V spot printing, and De Metallised processing.


The stand-up pouch is completely manufactured from a roll of composite film. Material options include Polypropylene, Nylon, PET, Metallised PET, Foil, Paper and PE; Titan Packaging can consult and advise on suitable materials. Suitable for dry products, roasted whole beans, grounded beans, loose leaf, and tea bags.

Packing information

Can be packed using inline/rotary automatic fill and seal packers or be manual processes.
Must be thermally sealed.

Product Applications

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