Grain Packaging

Grain Packaging

Our grain packaging solutions are ideal for a wide range of dry ingredient products. No matter what type of grain or dried food your brand is known for, the packaging will play a very important role in preserving the quality and flavour of your products. When it comes to providing a highly visible surface for branding, as well as having materials suitable for optimising the retention of food quality and freshness, our flexible packaging solutions are very effective.

Whether you are looking for grain packaging, rice packaging, cereal packaging, or flour packaging, we can provide you with a quality solution that will meet the specific requirements of your product and your clients.

You can select from our wide variety of bags and pouches, which include different colours, sizes, and styles, or you can design your own customised grain packaging. We work closely with you to create the perfect pouch for your requirements and to attract your target customers.

This could include features to make your packets more convenient for use such as zip locks and tear notches, as well as presentation styles that will make your products stand out.

Custom Digital Printing

As an expert manufacturer and supplier of quality packaging bags and flexible pouches, Titan Packaging offers a custom digital printing service for cereal packaging, rice packaging, and any other grain packaging requirements you have. We can print more than 2000 bags made for gain packaging purposes, and we have a fast turnaround on delivery with no setup cost.

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