Retort Pouch Packaging (Retortable Pouch)

Retort Pouch

Retort pouches, also known as retortable pouches have been a significant advancement in food packaging. They provide the shelf-stability of canned foods while maintaining the quality in texture and nutritional value that is usually associated with frozen foods. The attributes of these flexible containers offer convenience to the consumer, as well as benefits to the retailer and the manufacturer.

Advantages Of Retort Pouch Packaging

The retort pouch has been developed as a flexible laminated food package that is required to withstand thermal processing and there are a number of advantages to using retort packaging for food products. Food products can be raw or pre-cooked prior to being placed in the retort packaging, and they are sterilised quicker and at lower temperatures than in traditional rigid containers.

A major benefit for manufacturing is that, in general, the processing times will be substantially reduced when compared to processing in a cylindrical container. Other advantages are that the packaging requires a smaller storage space for empty containers, is easy to pack and display, and can also reduce your shipping costs. The pouch has become very popular and has been broadly accepted by consumers.

Because they are strong, lightweight, and versatile, retort packaging has become a widely used alternative to traditional canning methods for preserving food and allows it to stay fresh for an extended period of time. They use less than five percent of the packaging material of traditional rigid metal cans and they help to improve the flavour, texture, and aroma of the food product.

Stand up pouches are made with special laminated layers that protect food products from spills, punctures, and outside contaminants, and special films have been designed for food products that require quick cooking. Retort packaging is ideal for items such as soups, rice, sauces, and pasta dishes. Speak to us today if you are looking for the best quality retort packaging Australia has to offer.

Stand Up Pouches

Through the use of advanced design and materials, it is possible to manufacture pouches that are able to stand on shelves. This makes them easy to spot by consumers in stores and also for those consumers to store them in their cupboards at home. Their upright structure also helps retain the integrity of the shape and composition of the product during a rapid cooking process.

Take advantage of our knowledge of developing and manufacturing advanced retort pouches for a range of food products.

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