Snack Food Packaging

Snack Food Packaging

The packaging of snack foods demands specific requirements to maintain freshness. Biscuits, chips, nuts, crackers, and bakery goods can become soggy in moist environments, or they can become stale if not properly stored and then need to be thrown out before their time. Our snack food packaging helps maintain product freshness, including having a barrier to light, oxygen, or moisture, as well as design and materials that provide packaging toughness and resealability.

Titan Packaging works closely with our clients to understand your requirements and to assist you in finding the perfect snack food packaging option for your product. We constantly strive to provide flexible snack packaging bags that are both environmentally and consumer friendly.

Whether you are looking for nuts, crackers, or chips packaging, take advantage of our knowledge of snack food packaging as well as our premium quality materials and closure systems.

Custom Digital Printing

Titan Packaging is one of the few companies that offer custom digital printing to retailers that require specific measurements for their snack food packaging. We can print over 2000 bags at a fast turnaround and no setup cost.

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