Stand Up Doy Pouches Packaging

Stand Up Doy Pouches Packaging

The stand up pouch is commonly known as a doy pouch. It provides a flexible packaging solution with unlimited digital printed designs. This is a pouch with its gusset area folded upward and inward with both sides sealed in such a way that it can stand upright. It plays a significant role as a part of modern packaging solutions.

We are an industry expert in supplying stand up pouches in Melbourne which are custom made and recyclable. These zip lock bags in Australia are used in many industries, including both food and non-food sectors. They provide the best display packaging options for their ability to stand unattended on display shelves.

The sky’s the limit for us when it comes to bringing out our creative potentials as we offer a quality digital printing process, a wide range of spot colours, patterns, zippers, hang holes, matte varnish, label printing, spouts, hot stamps, and much more

The stand up pouches provide the best option for granules, dry products, sauces, and powders as it is made up of strong, puncture-resistant, recyclable material.

Key Benefits Of Stand Up Pouches

Some of the key benefits of stand up pouches include:

  • Consist of excellent barrier properties.
  • Helps in packaging volume reduction.
  • Gives a light-weight packaging solution.
  • Provides less waste for disposing.
  • Allows for cost-efficient transport.
  • Available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and special features.
  • Resealable zipper closure keeps the product inside it airtight.

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