Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is essential in preserving product freshness and shelf life. They are used for fresh foods, particularly with chicken bags and fresh meat packaging, as well as some dried or processed food items, including beef jerky packaging. It is mainly suitable for items that will not bruise, spoil, or be malformed or crushed by the pressure being applied against the product by the packaging once the air has been removed.

In addition to film, these are supplied as pre-formed bags, including flat 3 side seal bags, and doy and side gusset packages.

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Design Options

Vacuum and Thermoform Barrier can be printed with up to 10 colours on our rotogravure press, including varnishes. Printing options available include Matte varnish overlays and UV spot printing.


We have a number of different materials that are suitable for use to achieve the best result and we can consult and advise on which material is most suitable for your requirements. We offer you a broad range of colours and a number of different finishes for printing on the packaging materials you select, as part of our design options.

Rewind film and lidding is manufactured and supplied as roll stock film. Material options include Polypropylene, Nylon, PET, Metallised PET, Foil, and PE. Titan Packaging can consult and advise on suitable materials.

Packing Information

We use special thermoforming equipment and vacuum packing systems to thermally seal the packages, usually using a heat-based process, to ensure the vacuum is retained.

Take advantage of our knowledge of vacuum packaging and customising your design and materials to achieve the best result for attracting your customers.

Product Applications

Meat Packaging


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